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S View Clock ON

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S View Clock ON enables the Clock to be displayed permanently even after the lockscreen timeout expires when S View Cover is closed. This enables smartphones to be used as Dock Clock.Features:-========1) When the clock goes off after S View Cover gets closed , "S View Clock ON" will switch on the clock and will display it continuously.2) Option provided to enable or disable the "S View Clock ON".3) Option provided to restart the "S View Clock ON" automatically after the phone restart or Power On.4) To switch off the clock when "S View Clock ON" is running , open S View Cover , lock the screen and close the S View Cover.5) No sensors are used. Power consumed by "S View Clock ON" is very much negligible and close to zero.
Note:-=====1) Tested "S View Clock ON" with Galaxy S5 , Galaxy S4 , Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Grand 2.2) Works well even with unauthentic or fake S View Covers too.3) When Clock is displayed permanently, it will consume power for displaying the clock and enabling backlight.4) There is one second delay to receive whether the S View Cover is closed or opened. Blame samsung. :)5) Refer the attached video for the user demo.6) Feel free to contact for suggestions and additional feature request.
Version 2.0 :-==========
► Added an option "Clock ON Duration". After this duration Clock will be turned OFF.► If "Clock ON Duration" is set to "30" then Clock will be OFF after "30" minutes. ► If "Clock ON Duration" is set to "0" or left blank then Clock will be ON forever.► Redesigned the UI.
Version 2.1 :-==========
► Added Notification support. "S View Clock ON" can be enabled or disabled from Notifications.
Version 2.2 :-==========
► Added an option to keep the Clock ON when the device is connected to Power/USB while the service is running.
Version 3.0 :-==========
► Changed the background logic to make it work across all the Samsung devices which supports S View cover.► Using android light and proximity sensors to keep the clock ON. When the cover is closed , app will enable the display to show the S View Clock Permanently.► In older versions i used Samsung APIs but they were not consistent even across variants of the same device.► Tested battery usage using Galaxy S5. S View Clock ON used 0.6% of the battery in 15 hours ( < 1% per day ).
Version 3.1 :-==========
► Fixed the issue , "Screen flashes ON and OFF every 5 seconds" as reported by few users.
Version 3.2 :-==========
► Fixed the issue - in some devices Screen doesn't turn OFF.► Fixed the issue - in some devices when after "Duration of the Clock" expires it turns ON again.